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[Inaugural Season]

Created to break conventions, we are introducing 3 classic styles with a Wesley Tang Designs signature twist. Focusing largely on the quality of construction and a pristine fit, we know that these pieces from our CORE COLLECTION will become dance bag essentials. By offering all our garments only in fashion black for the inaugural season, we are taking it back to the basics.

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When dancers are dressed in Wesley Tang Designs, we hope each individual feels a sense of simplicity and sophistication with a subtle edge. From far away our garments look completely black, however when you look up close each garment consists of at least one mesh-overlaid panel. Each black mesh overlaid panel is under laid with our brand’s signature blue hue, pouring a little bit of Wesley Tang Designs love into each of our premium handmade garments. Each of our garments also features a woven label sewn onto the side seam so our logo can be clearly seen. The idea of the mesh overlay is all in efforts of providing a little pop of colour while maintaining the garment’s...


20170809-CROP AND BRIEF BANNER-02.jpg